Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gossy's Obsession

Last night I did many things. I went to Zul'Aman for the first time since it was re-released, but I found I was much less nostalgic toward this Troll stronghold. I had a lot of fun, despite a few hiccups, but I just didn't have the same fond memories I had of Zul'Gurub. It did, however, re-ignite something that's been smoldering since my injury. It's my passion... my passion for PETS!

I absolutely adore the non-combat pets, or companions, that you can acquire throughout the game. I've been collecting for a long time, and being in ZA reminded me of the one thing I never did but always meant to do in this dungeon... get Mojo.

If you weren't around during the original release of Mojo, or if you perhaps just never heard the news, there was a little mistake made in how a player could obtain this cute little frog. Once upon a Burning Crusade I had a pet collector friend; a cute little dwarf priest. Her passion for pet collecting was equal to mine, and she and I helped each other with our collections. She excitedly let me know that if you ran to the outside of ZA and blew Budd a kiss you would get this frog. We were raiding at the time so I didn't get to check right away and by the time I got out there they'd hotfixed it. That coupled with my horrid luck with the hex sticks meant I never got Mojo before the content because obsolete and I never went back.

Sadly last night did not alter my luck wit the hex sticks; my collection is still missing Mojo. I did get three new pets to add to my growing collection, which now sits at a whopping 145 pets. So far I have gotten each pet achievement the day it went live, and I hope the one coming up in 4.2 will be no different. My current plan is to finish the quests to receive the Tiny Flamefly and Lashtail Hatchling, and then either buy the Magic Lamp, Enchanted Lantern and Darting Hatchling, or depending how long until 4.2 hits I may farm a few of the others I don't have. Any either case, I will have that dragon on the very first day!

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