Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4.2: The Aftermath

I found myself to be both pleased and disappointed with the patch 4.2 release. On the upside, it was one of the smoothest patch releases I've participated in. Maybe I'm misremembering the past, but I don't recall a single major content patch going as well as this one did. I was in the game right at 11 am pacific and I didn't have a single problem. I was immediately able to go to the Auction House and begin making money. This went exceedingly well.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the quest chain regarding Aggra and Thrall. It was new, exciting and fun, but once I'd finished it and the few dailies available to me... I was suddenly right where I was pre 4.2. Sure, now I have a fancy new cloak and I was able to buy my tier 11 gloves with justice points, but why? To go and run the same 5-man dungeons I've been running all expansion?

This is a new feeling for me. Due to my recent wrist issues, I've not been raiding the way I normally would. I may get back in to it now, but I suspect I may have trouble trying to break into the raiding scene part way through. I suddenly understand what all of the non-raiders have been complaining about all of these years. It sucks to feel left out. I hope the daily quest hub proves as "epic" as Blizzard's said it is, but I won't know until I get there. I do hope it's fun, I've heard the scope I want to get the pattern for can take a month.

One thing I really did like ( I did a happy dance when I saw it) was the ability to change my characters' positions on my character screen. I've been playing for years, and at one point Gossamer changed from a Night Elf to a Troll and moved servers. She's since switched and moved back, and I've always been a little irritated that she's no longer the top of my list. She's been my main character since release day! My boyfriend was highly amused at my excitement over the feature. He said "If I were single and didn't know you I'd wonder what kind of narcissistic, obsessive, weirdo would care what order her characters were in. I look at you... it's not so bad." I love you too, honey.

Oh, and I now have 154 pets. Wee!

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