Wednesday, June 8, 2011

....And I'm Baaaaaack

After some wrist problems which are on the mend, but not completely healed, I am back and hoo boy did I miss my hunter! Unfortunately I've missed nearly all of the current raid content. Worse, my baby hunter has been removed from the WHU guild on Icecrown! Sadface. I don't blame them, I was gone for quite some time.

Since I've been out of the loop in the ways of huntering lately (though I've heard we're getting an eye patch with our next tier?) I'd like to share the only huntering I've done since my injury, Zul'Gurub. I'll catch up on my hunter news soon and will hopefully have more thoughts to share another time.

ZG, the return of the Trolls

I've been a hunter since the beginning (we're talking day one WoW here), so Cataclysm has been interesting for me. I have enjoyed what I've seen so far of the re-vamp, which has mostly been the 1-55 zones and dungeons, but when I heard they were re-releasing ZG after doing away with the dungeon at the start of the expansion I was a little skeptical. I'd killed Hakkar and his brood years ago, after all. How did they all return?

Stepping into the instance for the first time changed my mind almost at once. The quest NPCs immediately inside the instance is a nice quality of life change; the green, foamy cauldron showed me that this is not the ZG I was remembering so nostalgically. I decided to forget everything I knew about the dungeon and just plow ahead and enjoy myself, as the cauldron seemed to be prompting me to do. We were off!

High Priest Venoxis

As I crosses the bridge I was amused to see a giant mask kicking the snot out of our over zealous melee dps who were too excited to wait for the tank. As I chuckled I pulled out my own, slightly less impressive mask, just to show off. No one noticed. In the midst of my showing off I didn't notice the deathly poison of the next mobs, or the savior-cauldron and died shamefully in green goo. Whoops.

After my shaman friend scraped me off the ground we entered Venoxis's little alcove. "Hey, I know you" I thought to myself. "Maybe this dungeon isn't any different... say, didn't you have adds? Ack! Green!" as the tank pulled. My boyfriend, who had done the dungeon dozens of times at that point and was looking over my shoulder, began coaching me on the fight, though staying out of the things on the floor is second nature and I really didn't need much in the way of an explanation. It turned out to be pretty simple, though it can look quite hectic, and I am please to say I creamed the other dps on Recount.

Bloodlord Mandokir

After handily defeating the High Priest we moved on and eventually arrived at the Bloodlord. (The new "frogger" rocks you have to dodge are hilarious.) I didn't immediately recognize his area, it's changed quite a bit for it being in the same location, but as soon as I caught sight of the Bloodlord himself I remembered him. I was amused to see that while he was seemingly able to resurrect himself his raptor, Oghan, was now a boney shadow of his former self.

I was glad to see they left the flavor text for this fight, if slightly altered from the original. Unfortunately I was so busy giggling I failed to notice Oghan now makes up for his new less-than-fleshy form by killing the NPCs that rez us. Needless to say the first attempt didn't turn out so well. The second attempt went just fine and we proceeded.

The Cache of Madness

As a person who spent a lot of time leveling Archeology (for pets of course!) I was very pleased to find out there is a random boss that can only be summoned using this profession. I happily clicked away until a fellow Archeologist and I found all of the objects needed to begin the fight. The boss was pretty simple and we had an absolute blast.
High Priestess Kilnara

I thought I recognized this as the "panther boss" from the original ZG, but in looking her up I now see she's the replacement of High Priestess Arlokk. I died very early into the fight so I really didn't get a very good idea of the fight, but my group finished her off and we trudged on. It was beginning to get late and we'd already lost one healer, who left all of a sudden and without a word.


This was another new one for me. I thought at the time that he might have been in the same place Jin'do the Hexxer (or in my mind, Jin'do the Dancer) but I'm not completely sure. We did die on our first attempt, but I think this may have been because I and one other person has not yet done that fight. Once we all understood when and why to click the cauldron the fight went smoothly.

Jin'do the Godbreaker

Ah, here's our old buddy Jin'do. And he's even gotten a promotion, how nice! This fight tripped me up a little until my boyfriend realized that because the group had instructed me to stand on the chains that I hadn't noticed the puffy death clouds on the ground and was being destroyed. I then stood next to the chains and completed the fight. After we'd finished and I decided to go back to turn quests in I ran the wrong way, pulled the only brute troll guy left on Jin'do's little tower and died. Whoops again.

After running back I turned some quests in and made a nice chunk of gold. Unfortunately while three pieces of Mail dropped all three pieces had intellect on it. Even more unfortunately our Shaman only needed the one piece. *le sigh* I did win nearly every bag, box or barrel we rolled on, so I did get some nice things.

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