Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Days Before Patch 4.2

This has been a slooooow week for WoW. With everyone waiting in anticipation of patch 4.2 it seems a lot of things have come to a standstill. I did little on my hunter this weekend, mostly daily quests and archeology. Oh, and Auction Housing. I'm hoping to make some big bucks when this patch drops and most of my current cash is being stored as goods. Here's what I'm stockpiling:

Inferno Rubies

One of the things I am counting on the most is the boredom of raiders. From what I've been reading/listening to, raiders have completed this tier of content more quickly than ever and are slavering over the chance to get into the new content. New content means new gear, and new gear means new gems.

There are definitely other cuts and colors, and I will be selling some of these in addition to the Inferno Ruby cuts, but most folks will be clamoring for the reds. We hunter's prefer the Delicate Inferno Rubies to be sure, but I also make a killing on the Bold and Brilliant cuts.

Also the green level gems' vendor price will be dropping drastically. I suspect this will mean we will also see a drop in the Auction House prices. Anything I'm not able to sell for more than 5 gold before Tuesday is going to the vendor, save for the gems that can be used for the Jewelcrafting daily and the carnelians.

iLevel 358 PvP Gear

I'm not stockpiling the gear itself, but the materials to make the gear. Because Blizzard has decided to upgrade the current ilevel 339 patterns I've simply bought the PvP gear patterns currently on the vendors. As far as I know the materials required aren't even changing. With the new arena season starting soon this should be a big seller. Unfortunately I did betray my hunter brethren this time. I've most purchased the Rogue, Druid and Shaman gear, as these classes seem to represent a larger portion of the PvP population. Sorry guys.


The bars I'm stockpiling mostly consist of Hardened Elementium Bars, but I am storing some regular Elementium bars as well. These bars make me some decent money on a normal day, and with all the new crafting patterns coming out I expect to make money hand over fist with these. Especially at the prices I'm currently acquiring the ore.


All of them. Again, due to the number of new crafting patterns each type of volatile should see a price increase. I'll likely use most of these when crafting the PvP gear I intend to craft and sell, but if it turns out I can make more selling the volatiles themselves I will do so.

Enchanting Materials

I say Enchating materials, plural, but what I actually mean is Greater Celestial Essences. I fully expect these to shoot though the roof on a similar scale to the Inferno Rubies, and for the same reason; new LOOTZ! Maelstrom Crystals will likely experience a similar leap with raids moving away from farmed bosses and toward raid progression. However, I wonder if it will jump as much as some suspect. I foresee a lot of raiders flooding 5-man dungeons to farm for Valor points at the beginning of the patch to get the new ilevel of gear for their progression runs. Also, these are a little harder for the average crafter to get simply from crafting. I simply made a bunch of Carnelian Spikes and disenchanted them.

Scope and Gun

I've listed this last because as much as my hunter is excited for the Flintlock's Woodchucker scope and as well received a gun might be received by some hunters (even if it's not raid tier) the demand for these is limited to (mostly) one class. Add that to the fact that I'm going to have to spend a bunch of time unlocking the two patterns and it just doesn't seem a smart move to put a lot of effort into crafting these right away. But never you fear, fellow hunters. I will be happily selling all of the materials to craft both these, at exorbitant prices of course. *grins*

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