Monday, July 4, 2011

Gossamer's Tale

Starting this blog was not really a decision based on the World of Warcraft. It was because I wanted to write, but I could never come up with a topic I could stick with. So I thought to myself, "self, you've stuck with two things over the years. Your relationship with your wonderful boyfriend, and WoW, and I don't think your boyfriend will appreciate being the subject of a blog." so, a WoW blog was born. Below is kind of a roleplay introduction for a non-roleplay character (Gossamer actually lives on a PvP server) but is something that's been forming in the back of my mind for a long time. So, without further preamble...

Gossamer's Tale

Panic. Panic and fear ravage the stark beauty of each and every face towering overhead. Silver eyes wide, lavender faces covered in ash, dirt and in too many instances, blood. In the distance large boulders can be seen falling from a sky turned an unnatural green. If the stories from the front lines are to be believed these falling boulders smash into the ground, shattering the land and pull themselves from the smoking crater, a stone no more but a horrible mockery of life...

 Another group of wounded are brought in from the front lines. The vision focuses on one casualty in particular; a priestess of Elune. As her sisters work to heal her grievous wounds a child, hardly old enough to walk, toddles from the group of shivering civilians and toward the injured priestess. As the child approaches  the women her eyes brighten for an instant as she catches the young girl's eyes and reaches out with a delicate hand; the hand falls as the silver light fades from her eyes. She's dead before her child can even reach a hand out in answer to the gesture. The child sobs as a priestess gently moves her away from the corpse and a tall, silver haired man separates himself from the civilians and comes to gather the confused child into his arms. The child buries her head in his chest and sobs harder. Behind them the horrible demon boulders continue to fall, two silver-haired elves standing against a background of that awful fel green sky...


Gossamer opens her eyes slowly. The fel green fully encompassing her vision jerks her back to full consciousness and she leaps to her feet. As the memory of the sky from her dream fades she realizes she is not seeing the fel green that means the Burning Legion is near, but is instead the normal green of the sun shining through the canopy above her head. Her early morning gymnastics did not disrupt her trusted Nightsaber, Tailchaser, in the least and he is still sleeping on his back, all four paws twitching and small snarls escaping his furry jaws.

"Dreaming of chasing rabbits again." she mutters to herself. "Wake up you great lazy beast! It's time for training." Tailchaser opens one eye, glancing toward the lighted canopy and groans. Rolling over he buries his face in his paws and sighs heavily. "I know, you lump, I hate this dratted sunshine too! But Master Jeen'ra says we should get used to moving during the daytime. 'Our allies function mostly in the day. If you are going to work with them, you must alter your habits to fit.'" she quoted is a slightly sarcastic voice, but she straightened armor and made ready to leave. She occasionally glances up at the green canopy, the dream/memory haunting her silvery eyes.

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